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Content Ideas for the everyday entrepreneur

As a busy entrepreneur, one of your biggest challenges can be coming up with content for your social media platforms. And although you may already know that social media sites are obviously popular and have great potential as marketing tools for small business owners and entrepreneurs, you may still occasionally find yourself scratching your head wondering “what will I post today?”

If you are strapped for content ideas, then you are in luck.

Below I have listed some cool content ideas to jumpstart your thinking and leave you feeling inspired on what to write about.

But before we get into those ideas, it’s important to share one thing first…

Content Marketing is a conversational medium.

If you are to be successful at your Content Marketing efforts, you truly need to understand and connect with your audience. This means knowing who your audience is and what challenges they face.

By considering what your audience most wants to know, you’ll attract your target audience, who are actively looking for that information.

Facebook and other social media sites are obviously hugely popular and have great potential as marketing tools for small business owners and entrepreneurs. For free, you can reach almost anyone in the world. However, when working with coaching and consulting clients, they are often faced with “writer’s block” after they have set up their social media profiles.

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Now what do I say to all these people?” So, to help you with that question, and make sure that you never run out of great content ideas for your audience on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, here are seven content ideas to help you get started:

1) Articles: Share tips about what you know. When you write about topics you have passion and experience for, it showcases your expertise and builds trust with your audience.

You can make a list of the products/services you offer and then ask yourself, “what are the challenges my ideal clients have that they solve?”

You can also explore the frequently asked questions your customers ask. Each question can be an article topic where you write about the response.

2) Tutorials: One way to get a lot of blog traffic is posting tutorials; people are always Googling “How to ____” (fill in the blank). This can be a video or post about steps to using something or performing a task.

When people see your expertise on the subject, they are likely to contact you for additional help.

3) Case Studies: People love stories! That’s why case studies make excellent blog content. It gives you a way to show what problem someone had before working with you, actions are taken, and results achieved. You can kick it up a notch with before/after photos or visual proof of results gained.

4) Expert Interviews: Readers respect you when they see that you are affiliated with big-league players in your industry. So go ahead and invite well-known experts to do an interview with you on your blog. This is also an excellent way to introduce your followers to someone whose products you’d like to promote for affiliate commissions.

5) News and Announcements: Your readers love to hear what’s new. Share any conferences you may be attending, tell them about new products being launched, or introduce them to new team members. You can also share ways you are giving back and getting involved in the community. These types of posts help people to feel like they are a part of your community and what is going on.

6) Reviews: Not only do reviews make interesting blog content, but they give you a chance to request free review copies of new software, books, or products that your target market would like to hear about. Plus, adding your affiliate link to the review can help you to earn commissions when your readers buy it.

7) Lists: In today’s busy world, tips lists are one of the hottest types of blog content because they are quick and easy to read plus provide great information. People love saving time by trying things that are highly recommended.

Topics that make great lists are books, products, software, apps, seminars, or any resource that your readers would find informative.

With all of these sources, ask yourself how you would improve the discussion, or what your opinion is about a certain topic, and then write about that in your status updates, blog posts, email updates, tweets, and other communications to your audience.

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