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Tips to improve your results with email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most underrated, yet beneficial strategies ever invented to generate worthy leads. A 2015 study by the DMA found that for every $1 spent, email campaigns have an average of $42 return on investment (ROI). Email marketing is surprisingly cheap and effective enough at keeping in touch with your customers. As such, you need to come up with an effective strategy to achieve your set goals.

Your email marketing campaign strategy must answer these four Ws:

  • What is your message? 
  • Why do you want to send it out? 
  • When do you want to send it? 
  • And who are the recipients of the email? 

In order to improve email marketing and your deliverability rate for your emails, here are five methods that you can implement to do just that.

1) Source your email marketing list organically.

While buying lists can be tempting as it can seem like a fast way of getting results, the truth is that you are starting that relationship from the cold. Many people right from the outset will mark your email as spam, which will result in your emails getting sent to spam in the future. In turn, you may be sacrificing some of your ability to send emails to your organically built email list, or even your current customers, into your primary inbox. Use a double opt-in process to confirm that your users want to subscribe to your list that is strategically integrated into your website. If you have a strong blog within your website, you may also want to use content gating to enhance your ability to organically collect email addresses

2) Use the latest technology to improve the primary inbox deliverability rate.

With email deliverability tools such as InboxAlly, you can improve the reputation of your email domain so that you can reach users’ inboxes more effectively. In turn, the tool sends emails to predefined email addresses that reply to your email or transfer it from the spam or promotions folder to the primary inbox. Therefore, your campaigns will then achieve better results since your recipients will receive your email campaigns into their inbox.

3) Use a High-Quality Email Service Provider.

When you use a high-quality email marketing software provider, the delivery rate of your email campaigns and click-through rates can dramatically improve. When other senders execute poor-performing email campaigns with high bounce rates under the same software provider that you use, it affects the quality of delivery of everyone else’s email campaigns. o.

4) Make the process to unsubscribe simple.

Most digital marketers think by making the process of unsubscribing difficult, they can better retain subscribers and control their unsubscribe rates. They hopefully think some of those subscribers that would otherwise subscribe will eventually come back to patronize their business. However, 43% of people mark emails as spam because the unsubscribe process is too complicated, or they can not easily locate the unsubscribe link. Even with the higher reliance on a mobile device, it doesn’t mean people are looking to subscribe to everything they see.

5) Use Marketing Automation.

Use marketing automation to better personalize emails that you send to your email lists based on website activity and prior email campaign engagement. Marketing Automation also makes it simpler as to what types of emails you’d like to send and helps keep your campaign monitor up to speed. Also, with a CTA in the subject line of every automated email that you send, your click-through rate has a higher chance of increasing. Since you are increasing the relevancy of your marketing campaigns to each individual audience member, you increase deliverability because users will mark your emails as spam less often than if you did not use a marketing automation tool.

6. Don’t Over-Do It With Emails

If you ever were interested in a brand and opt-in to their emails, do you ever notice that you get annoyed when they send you a constant barrage of emails?

When you’re sending a constant barrage of emails to your clients, you’re definitely going to sense that they will be annoyed and see your brand as something desperate. This would lead to a souring relationship between yourself and your customers. Customers, in general, would like steady information about the brands they’re interested in.

In some cases, when you’re sending a constant barrage of emails, they are highly likely to be ignored or be sent to spam, which hurts your IP’s credibility. If you’re looking to find ways to improve your email marketing campaign, sending emails to your clientele multiple times a day isn’t the right solution.

7. Stick to a Consistent Schedule

Whenever you’re looking to improve the click-through rate for your email marketing campaign through improving content quality, the most important thing is to keep a consistent schedule of when you will be sending them. There is a much higher chance that your emails will end up in the spam folders.

Also, a major issue that pops up when you don’t send your emails on a consistent basis is that your brand awareness can be affected. Also, bombarding your subscribers with emails isn’t a good idea as well.

The most important thing is to keep a schedule and balance out the number of times you send your emails. It will help you create fresh and original content that can be enticing for even a single subscriber.

8. Create a catchy subject line

Your subject line is the first segment of your email that your subscribers look into and maybe the last. In many ways, an email subject line is far more important than the content created for the email itself. It isn’t like social media where the first thing your customer sees is the post itself.

Your email subject lines can be controversial, simple and non-nonsense, welcoming, contain numbers, single words, etc. It depends on the type of entrepreneur you are and how you want to approach your target subscriber.

If you like to create highly enticing emails, the subject line is the most important.

9. Use Segmentation

Are you aware, there’s a strong correlation between email engagement and deliverability?

In order to increase email engagement, segmentation is one area you should be able to develop upon. Email segmentation is typically used to send targeted, personalized emails to a specific group of contacts. It lets you, group subscribers, by specific content that is important to your company.

According to Shopify, “Marketers have seen segmentation bring in more than 7 times the revenue of non-segmented emails, allowing businesses to develop individualized, scalable conversations with contacts.”

It is important that in order to increase click rate and improve email marketing and strategy, being able to segment your emails based upon a specified category for a loyal customer can be beneficial for doing that.

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