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Everything you need to know about Facebook Ads

Using the best Facebook advertising strategies will help your business leverage the largest social media platform to profitably grow your business. It is no secret that Facebook incentivizes advertisements with higher amounts of likes, comments, clicks, and shares, with more impressions. Reaching your audience effectively through strategically managing targeting is imperative to maximize the performance of your campaigns.

Here are some Facebook Advertising Strategies to Boost Business Growth:

  1. Optimize How You Reach Your Audience
    Which audiences are most ideal for me to target on Facebook? Demographic targeting options will allow you to target an audience based on characteristics which may include, but are not limited to, age, language, gender, education, and location. You may want to choose to target a custom audience, which could be website visitors, a customer list, or email subscribers. Then, you can target a lookalike audience, which is a group of people who have similar characteristics to your customer audience. Retargeting previous website visitors will help you build credibility and market special offers to people who were previously interested in your business.

Do note that Facebook automatically optimizes campaigns depending on the goal that you choose, so running experiments for longer periods of time will generally provide more accurate results on what is the most ideal strategy. Choosing the right ad objective is critical to achieving as it will define what you are paying for, and will heavily influence how far your budget will go. Facebook will automatically optimize your campaign based on what you choose based on the wealth of data it has. For example, Facebook will show your ad more often to people who engage with videos when you choose video views. It will charge you based on link clicks if you choose traffic should you want to build brand awareness. Facebook will show your advertisements to people who have submitted forms more often in the past when you choose lead generation.

Open yourself to a wider audience by running advertisements on Instagram.

  1. Embrace Using Different Ad Types
    Fully explore how different ad types are beneficial to your specific Facebook advertising campaign.

Video ads tend to get the most engagements and shares. However, many people tend to watch them with the sound off, so you would want to make sure that they have subtitles. Most businesses do not create video content because they believe that they do not have the ability to make polished ones, but there are many alternatives to consider. It can be tempting to hire actors and producers to make custom, highly polished videos, but this can be very costly and time-consuming. For businesses that are looking to run advertising campaigns on a relatively larger scale, the investment can be worthwhile. Though, creating animated videos is a more economical option that can still drive great results.

Carousel ads tend to be cheaper and have a higher conversion rate. You could showcase five different products that you would like prospects to learn more about and purchase. Otherwise, the ad can be designed to detail five features of a specific product.

Mobile ads are important as more people view Facebook on a mobile device than on a computer. Therefore, it is important to resize images for mobile-specific ad formats to avoid unintentional cropping and write shorter copy for these formats. Consider testing other mobile-optimized ad formats, such as Story Ads and Collection Ads.

Messenger ads are a great way to reach customers instantly by allowing them to initiate a conversation on Facebook. In turn, messenger ads feature an increased response and conversion rate and traditionally feature a “Send Message” button on ads. Once you have initiated the conversation with leads generated through these ads, you are more likely to close a deal because you are engaging with them faster. You can even send a sponsored message to advertise a highly relevant offer crafted for each individual user directly into their inbox. Furthermore, studies show 53% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands they can message.

  1. Deploy a Marketing Funnel
    Businesses can find immense benefits in setting up a marketing funnel to improve the lead generation capabilities and further the benefit of their Facebook advertising strategies.

The way to think of this is that people naturally buy from people they know, like, and trust. Now, most people will tell you the time if you ask them for it. However, if someone walks up to you and tries to sell you popcorn at a park, you will probably decline. Now, if the popcorn vendor talked for you for an hour, or if you already knew the popcorn vendor, you would be a lot more likely to buy from them.

Marketing funnels achieve a very similar dynamic to this. A business provides free content today to build trust and solve some of your problems. However, you then follow up with a prospect and provide escalating offers to solve more of that problem to build a relationship. Then, the prospect will be much more likely to convert into becoming your client!

  1. Use Retargeting Ads
    One of the most affordable Facebook advertising strategies includes the use of retargeting advertising. Deploying these ads helps you reach customers that have expressed interest in the products and services that your business offers. Some people may perceive retargeting ads as magical, but they deliver the highest ROI for advertisers. To further this strategy, you could offer them free shipping, a special discount, or highlight specific offerings of interest to re-engage their audience.

Likewise, it is very effective to pair up your Facebook retargeting strategy with a search engine advertising strategy depending on the scope of your campaign. You can use Facebook to retarget users that clicked on your more costly keywords within your Google & Bing campaigns. This is a great way of controlling the cost of advertising as it is much cheaper to retarget people through Facebook ads rather than to obtain a new audience through search engine ads. After all, it usually takes people about 7 interactions with your brand before they build enough trust to buy from your business.

  1. Don’t Forget the Emotional Appeal
    It’s important to keep a warm, emotional appeal with Facebook campaigns to ensure you are convincing your audience to take action. Define what problems you solve for your audience and don’t forget to include them in your advertisement. Keep in mind potential objections your viewers may have, and address them within the ad if possible.

Strategically maximize the results of deploying Facebook advertising strategies by reaching out to a top Facebook Advertising Agency, such as Braystan Marketing. Contact us today with any questions or to start a high-performance social media marketing campaign today!

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